The Story of Dog Boy
The idea for Dog Boy started when I was living in the unofficial armpit of Toronto - Bloor & Lansdowne. Early in the morning, throughout the day and late into the night I would hear barking from up the street. There was no way to predict when this would happen, but I would often hear the barking. From far away it was just a regular dog bark. Until one day, while passing by the house, I stopped to listen. The more I listened, the more I realized this was not a dog. It sounded like a person... it sounded like a man barking like a dog. Given the area I was living in, this did not surprise me. Freaked me out a bit... scared the crap out of my girlfriend... but did not surprise me. I pictured a clean-shaven, half-witted Portuguese man tied to a chair in a spotless kitchen from 1950 waiting for his feeding. Creepy.